Amblyopia (or “lazy eye”) treatment for children


Find out about our ‘lazy eye’ treatment.

Amblyopia (or “lazy eye”) treatment for children.   Have you noticed your child has a lazy eye?  If caught early – before your child is eight or nine years old – we can completely eradicate the problem and ultimately provide 20/20 vision.  If not, it can lead to legal blindness in the weak eye.

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What causes Amblyopia?

There are two common reason for lazy eye.
  • Misalignment of the eye at birth.
  • A significant difference in the vision between the two eyes.

What are the symptoms of Amblyopia?

  • Squinting while reading.
  • Completely closing one eye to see properly.

Treatments for Amblyopia

There are many way to treat and ultimately cure Amblyopia.
  • We normally begin with visual therapy by putting a patch over the stronger eye to force the weaker eye to work harder.
  • Atropine therapy. These are eye drops we put in the stronger eye. One drop per day to blur the vision in the dominant eye to force the weaker eye to see better.
  • If the lazy eye is turned too far, surgery is the only option. We surgically correct the muscle problem in the weak eye.

Lazy eye will not go away by itself.

If you do nothing, your child may have a lifetime of visual problems and poor depth perception.  Of course the major fear is that a disease or injury occurs in your child’s strong eye.  Don’t waste any time.  Schedule an appointment with us as soon as possible so we can begin correcting this issue.

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