Contact Lenses for Adults


We provide Contact Lenses for Adults

Tired of eyeglasses cutting into your nose or falling off your face but hate the idea of contact lenses?  We will allay all fears of contacts.  Whatever your excuse, we’ll solve the problem for you.

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I can't stand putting my finger in my eyes!

We’ve heard this countless times. You’re not putting your finger in your eye; you are placing an eye drop on your eye with your fingertip. You never actually touch your eye. Your finger touches the contact lens and the lens touches your eye. Contact lenses are now made so lightweight and flexible, you don’t even feel them. At Henderson Eye Care we will not let you go home with a contact lens until you are completely comfortable.

But I have long fingernails!

Our specialists know how to advice you on the trick to putting in a contact lens with the sides of your fingers. Don’t worry! We won’t let you poke yourself in the eye!

Should I wear daily, weekly, or monthly lenses?

We will discuss the differences with you during your initial consultation. Each type of lens is equally comfortable, it’s a matter of personal choice. If you tend to have dry eyes, we will probably recommend daily lenses; that is, lenses you wear for only one day and throw away. Monthly lenses are safe to wear overnight. It’s your choice as to which feels most comfortable and which suits your needs.

But I have astigmatism.

No problem! There are many brands of soft contact lenses for astigmatism and near-sightedness. These are called toric lenses and they are slightly weighted so they are always straight. Toric lenses are no thicker than regular contacts and you can still change your eye color. Lenses for astigmatism are available for daily or overnight wear. We’ll find the perfect fit for you!

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