Eyeglasses for Men


We have specialty eyeglasses for men.

Eyeglasses for Men.  With our decades of experience, we have learned that the most important feature in glasses for men is comfort.  Henderson Eye Care knows how to fit glasses properly for men so they don’t pinch or cause pain.

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The temples, or the piece that goes over your ear, will not be too tight.

We will help you find frames that are the proper size for your face, thus ensuring their comfort over your ears. We also measure the length of the temples so they will stay put when you’re wearing them. They should never press or fall off your face.

The nosepiece

Whether the style you choose has the soft silicone pads or not, we make sure the fit is perfect before you leave. Your eyeglasses should never be painful.


If you don’t want to replace your glasses every year, choose a frame that will last. When you’re here for your exam, our specialists will help you find the right frame for your face and will counsel you on which material will stand up to rugged treatment.


Don’t worry! We’ll help you find the frame that best suits your lifestyle and look. We are aware of ever-changing trends and make sure we are up to date on them. When you leave our office with your new specs you will be comfortable and you’ll look terrific!

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