How Orthokeratology is a painless way to obtain 20/20 vision.

Didn’t know that Ortho-K was an option to fix your vision?  Stick with us at Henderson Eye Care to always be aware of the most innovative methods to correct your vision. Whether you are near-sighted, far-sighted, or have astigmatism, Orthokeratology may be the perfect solution for you.  


We accurately measure the shape of your cornea.

Ortho-K basically flattens the very top layer of your eye. In order to improve your vision over time, our skilled staff needs to evaluate the misshapen cornea so we can effectively re-shape it for better vision.

2 + 14 =


We create a contact lens to wear every night.

Once the measurements have been made, we design a special gas permeable contact lens designed for your particular eye’s shape and vision problem.

While you're sleeping, the lens is working.

While the Sandman is busy giving your body it’s needed slumber, the Ortho-K lens is diligently re-shaping your cornea so you can see well during the day.

Wear the lens every night so you can see during the day.

We recommend wearing these specialized lenses every night for best results. Eventually, after a thorough examination, you’ll be able to toss the Ortho-K lens, your contacts lenses, and your glasses in the trash.

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