Lasik Surgery


Do you need Lasik surgery? We can help!

Too impatient for orthokeratology?  Lasik may be the perfect solution for you to be able to toss the contacts and glasses in the trash the very next day.  It’s painless, fast, and has a tremendously high success rate. 


The surgery for both eyes should last no longer than fifteen minutes!

You should schedule an hour before you have someone drive you home. Once you’re home, close your eyes and relax in a dimly lit room for the rest of the day. When you awaken the next morning, you’ll see clearly without the aid of contacts or glasses and you can drive yourself to work. It’s that simple and that fast!

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We provide a comprehensive eye exam to be sure Lasik is the right answer for you.

There are situations when we advise against Lasik surgery. If you have chronic dry eyes, have any ocular disease, or are under eighteen years old we may suggest another method to correct your vision.

Don't rub your eyes after your Lasik surgery!

Now that we’ve said that, your first instinct will be to rub your eyes. Just like the suggestion of ‘don’t sneeze’ or ‘don’t look down’. However, this is a cardinal rule. After Lasik surgery, your eyes have not fully healed, despite the great vision you have attained.

You won't get rid of us so fast.

Your follow-up visits after Lasik surgery are critical and we are there for you throughout the healing process. We’ll certainly want to see you again the following day so the surgeon can check your progress personally. You’ll be given drops to use and you can ask any questions you may have. Our follow-through after surgery is as important to us as the surgical procedure itself.

Don't forget your sunglasses after Lasik!

You will need to protect your eyes from UV rays even more so after you’ve had Lasik surgery. If your current sunglasses don’t have 100% protection, be sure to choose a pair while you’re at Henderson Eye Care. We have a huge selection. Our goal is perfect vision and healthy windows to your soul.

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