Nearsightedness in Children


We can help with Nearsightedness in Children.

Myopia (near-sightedness) is common in kids!  How can you tell if your child is near-sighted?  They’re constantly squinting!  Either that, or they sit right on top of the television to see it.  These are sure signs that your child is near-sighted.

My child's eyes keep getting worse!

This is every parent’s fear; that the myopia will continue getting worse until even glasses don’t help. Our suggestion is RELAX. Most myopia settles by the time they hit their late teens.

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Orthokeratology as a solution.

As with adults, we at Henderson Eye Care are fully staffed to utilize these nighttime lenses for children. The specialized lens actually re-shapes your child’s cornea to ultimately eliminate the need for glasses.

Atropine drops as a short-term solution.

We believe, based on all the research, that near-sightedness in children may exist because of eye fatigue when focusing. Atropine drops help to relax the eyes directly. If the myopia isn’t too bad, utilizing the drops for a year may alleviate much of the problem.

Soft Multifocal contact lenses can slow the rate of progress of myopia in children.

Research is showing that rather than glasses, contact lenses actually lengthen the eye, thus helping to thwart the near-sightedness.

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