Contact Lenses for Hard-to-Fit Patients


We specialize in contact lenses for Hard-To-Fit patients.

Just because you may be difficult to fit with contacts does not mean you’re impossible to fit.  At Henderson Eye Care we patiently listen to any difficulties you may have had in the past while we closely examine if there may be a medical reason for your struggle.

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Dry Eye Syndrome

This is quite prevalent and also quite simple to remedy. We don’t try to fit contact lenses into an existing issue with dry eyes. We solve the problem first. We have many ways to eradicate this annoying ailment. There are artificial tear eye drops, medicated eye drops, and even a minor surgical procedure to permanently eliminate your dry eye problem.


Another reason that contacts may be difficult to fit is if you’re over forty years old. With age, eyes may become resistant to focusing close-up. A regular contact lens may not be your solution. Other opticians may not have the patience or experience to recognize why you have been be hard to fit. We take our time and do a thorough examination before we choose the correct lens for your eyes. With presbyopia you may need a bifocal lens and that will solve your fit problem perfectly.


This is another disease that may have been overlooked during your previous experiences with less knowledgeable doctors. If you have been difficult to fit with contacts and have experienced halos or ghost vision, you may have Keratoconus. Our experts can diagnose the ailment and resolve the underlying problem that has been causing your negative experiences with contact lenses.

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