Comprehensive Eye Exam


We offer a Comprehensive Eye Exam.

Comprehensive Eye Exams.  We don’t skimp on how thoroughly we examine your eyes.  At Henderson Eye Care we take our time and check every aspect of your peepers.  They are the windows to your soul and we want them to be healthy and 20/20.

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You can expect this test for the strength of your eyeglasses. You’ve had these before. The room is darkened and you are asked to cover one eye and read the eye chart. Then the other eye is tested.

Autorefractor test

This will give us the best information about your prescription. This test also determines the manner in which images are displayed on your retina, which is where vision occurs. You needn’t say a word and our doctors will be able to determine your sight capabilities.

Aberrometer test

This uses advanced high wave technology to analyze even the most minute vision imperfections you may have. We determine these by seeing how the light waves travel through your eyes.

Cover test

We utilize this common but useful test to determine misalignment’s or possibly a lazy eye. We have you concentrate on a small fixed object at the far side of the room and cover each eye while concentrating on it. We can also determine if you’re left-eyed or right-eyed. After this test, you’ll know which eye is dominant for taking photographs.

Slit-lamp test

This is an instrument your doctor will use to check the overall health of your eyes. He can see behind the pupil and your retina so he can determine if you have any potential disease.

Tonometry (Glaucoma Testing)

Tonometry is a standard test for glaucoma. This is the one that blows a quick puff of air at your eye. It doesn’t hurt but it can be slightly disquieting. Remember, nothing is actually touching your eye. Tonometry is an important part of your overall visual health because it determines the amount of pressure inside your eyes.

Pupil Dilation

This is the most comprehensive test for the doctor to see the inside of your eyes. He will put a couple of drops into your eyes to dilate your pupils so he can get a better view. It takes about twenty minutes for the pupils to return to normal, so you’ll need sunglasses when you leave. Your eyes will be quite sensitive to light until the drops wear off. We recommend you have someone with you to drive you home as it will be uncomfortable on a sunny day.

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