Sports Eyewear


We have a wide selection of sports eyewear.

Sports Eyewear.  Whether for kids, teens, or adults we can design eyewear for all of your sports needs. Regardless of the sport, we are here to protect you.  If you are a hunter, swimmer, handball player, or football player we give you complete security for the safety of your eyes.

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You don't have to have blurred vision underwater anymore!

At Henderson Eye Care we can take your prescription and transform it into a diving mask, swim mask, or goggles. We have the knowledge and expertise to take into account the different way light is refracted through the water and give you the same vision you have on land. With our goal of comfort, we can give you perfect vision when you’re on vacation in the Caribbean and snorkeling amid the colorful fish and reefs. You won’t miss any of the spectacular underwater beauty any more.

We can help you win the swimming race by providing goggles that give you the same vision you have on land.

Whether you can use a previously made prescription goggle or you a need custom designed goggle, we are here to make you a winner.

Dive with clear vision

Whether you need a prescription diving mask or you wear contacts, we will create a comfortable and safe mask for you diving needs. We can insert a prescription into the mask for use with or without your contact lenses.

Is your child the one who gets laughed at during sports events because he or she looks funny in goggles?

Those days are gone. We have designs for protective eyewear that are hip and attractive for both children and adults. No more heckling from the crowd or feeling self-conscious. Once you’ve scheduled your appointment with Henderson Eye Care and purchased new sports goggles, you’ll be able to concentrate on the game with comfort and clarity….and no embarrassment.

Do you play handball, racquetball, or tennis without protection?

Shame on you! The old goggles for these sports didn’t take into consideration the speed of the ball which could compress and cause serious damage to the eye. We only provide impact-resistant goggles to protect your eyes and they can be made to your prescription specifications. They are comfortable and will give you excellent vision so you can play with ease.

Fit is the most important feature in choosing protective sport eyewear.

Sure, we want you to look good but if your goggles don’t fit properly, you’ll never wear them. This is probably more important for children because parents are tempted to buy goggles that are too big so the child can grow into them. This is a poor decision. If the goggles are too big they won’t protect like they should. Conversely, if the child’s goggles are too tight, they may hamper peripheral vision or be so uncomfortable that your child just won’t wear them. Schedule annual appointments so we can professionally determine the correct size for your child’s protective eyewear.

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