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Do I have cataracts?  If you are fifty-five years or older, you may begin to experience a clouding of your eye’s lens which is behind the iris and pupil.  The lens of your eye acts in a similar manner as does the lens on a camera.  It focuses light onto the retina and it adjusts your focus so you can see near and far.  The lens of your eye consists primarily of protein and water.  If that protein begins to cluster together, it can congeal into a small cloud.  That is a cataract.

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Symptoms of the existence of a cataract

Initially, you won’t notice any difference; maybe a little blurry vision from time to time. As the cataract becomes more evident, so will the symptoms:
  • Blurry vision that doesn’t cease with glasses or contact lenses.
  • Ghost images or double vision.
  • Glare from sunlight, artificial light, or the lights from oncoming cars at night.
  • Colors may become muted and less vivid.

What causes cataracts?

Scientists are not quite sure and there have been hundreds of studies that have been conducted. Potential high-risk situations for cataracts could be Diabetes, excessive exposure to ultraviolet light, or flying airplanes. Other risk factors could be heredity, high salt consumption, excessive alcohol consumption, cigarette smoke, and air pollution. The best tack is get tested for cataracts every year during your regular exam.

Will cataract surgery completely destroy the cataract?

Yes, the surgery will likely restore your vision to 20/20. The procedure only lasts for about ten minutes and it’s painless. We only perform cataract surgery one eye at a time, so if it is both eyes are affected we will wait to do the other eye once the first is healed.

Can I fix my far-sightedness while having the cataract surgery?

Yes. Many people opt for Lasik while they’re already in the chair and their eye is numb. We can determine quickly if this is possible in your particular case when we examine you.

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