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Find out about our huge selection of Non-prescription Sunglasses.

Non-prescription sunglasses.  We at Henderson Eye Care know the statistics.  More than thirty million Americans wear contact lenses.  Since we have fit such a high percentage of those in Henderson, Nevada we know!  Yet every day we are shocked to find so many people living in our area don’t wear sunglasses over their contacts.  As doctors, it is frightening.  Nevada is a desert, therefore the sun is blazing and bright here.  Or almost worse, not investing in quality sunglasses which gives you a false sense of security.

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Protect your eyes

In the desert there are often windstorms and debris can easily be blown into your eyes. An inexpensive drugstore pair of sunglasses will not protect you the way our quality lenses are designed.

Protect your vision

The proper pair of sunglasses will also keep your eyes from becoming dry in the desert heat if you wear contact lenses. Investing in a good pair of sunglasses is paramount. The lenses are guaranteed to block 100% of those powerful UV rays.

Look fashionable

The right shape and style of sunglasses can create whatever aura you want others to perceive. Imagine Jacqueline Onassis without those sunglasses! Or Tom Cruise without his Ray Bans. Sunglasses can become your trademark. The choices are limitless.

Better fit

When you buy drugstore sunglasses they are not custom fit and may therefore be quite uncomfortable. We take the time to measure so you will walk out with sunglasses that are the right size for your face. The temples will be the exact right length and will not pinch. The nosepiece won’t rub or cause pain. They won’t fall off when you look down.

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