Eyeglasses for Women


We have eyeglasses especially made for women.

Eyeglasses for Women.  Ladies, don’t worry.  You’re gonna look amazing! Your choices at Henderson Eye Care are nearly unlimited.  We’ll find the right frame that will be comfortable and will completely suit your individual, unique style.

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Before you come in for your appointment, ask yourself a few questions.

Answering these questions before you arrive at our office will help you and help us find the perfect frame for you.
  • What is my dress style? Am I retro, conservative, modern, or unique?
  • Where do I plan to wear these glasses? Work? Around the house? In the garden? Formal events?
  • What colors are most prevalent in my wardrobe?
  • What is the shape of my face?
  • What are the pros and cons of my current glasses?

Determining the comfort of the frames you choose.

Before you leave us, we care that the prettiest frame will also be the most comfortable.
  • The temples (the piece over your ear) are wide enough but fit snuggly. They also must be long enough for maximum ease of wear.
  • The nosepiece may or may not have the little silicone pads. Either way, we need to adjust that area to be sure it fits securely but doesn’t pinch.
  • When you look down, your glasses shouldn’t slip. They should feel secure.

Do I need more than one pair of glasses?

That is a personal decision. Glasses have become another accessory. You probably don’t have one pair of shoes or one purse. If you’re on a tight budget, of course you should find one pair that will suffice. But if you work, socialize, garden, and are a soccer mom you should choose different glasses for your individual needs. Check your closet. If you have a great many pairs of shoes, chances are you will want several pairs of glasses depending on the occasion.

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