How do we help you with Keratoconus?

Keratoconus is a rare eye disease.  If you suffer from  ghost-vision, halos, starbursts, or excessive sensitivity to light you may have Keratoconus.  It is far more prevalent in children and teens, so we suggest a complete eye exam if you have any of these symptoms.  Another symptom is if your prescription changes every time you see your eye doctor.

Contact lenses can control Keratoconus.

Usually eyeglasses or soft contacts can help in the early stages of the disease. Since Keratoconus is a slow progressing disease, it depends a great deal on how long you have been suffering and how far it has advanced to accurately determine the correct solution.

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Specialized contact lens correction.

There are several varieties of contacts lenses that have been designed particularly for Keratoconus. When you call us for your full examination, we will be better able to explain the options for you. Schedule your appointment today so you can feel relief tomorrow.

Surgical solutions.

At Henderson Eye Care we will try all available options prior to recommending a corneal transplant to cease the bulging of your eye. Surgery for Keratoconus is a last resort. If we’ve tried all other avenues and either the disease has progressed past their effectiveness or you can’t tolerate the lenses, we can perform surgery. After the corneal transplant surgery you may still need glasses or contact lenses but at least your vision will be perfect afterwards.

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