Computer Vision Syndrome


How to fix computer vision syndrome:

Are you suffering from terrible headaches at the end of a long day at the computer?  Computer Vision Syndrome is becoming more and more prevalent but don’t worry, Henderson Eye Care is here for you!  If you’re suffering because by the end of the day you just hate your job – well, we can’t fix that.  But if the headache is due to too much close work on your computer, we can help.

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Schedule a computer eye exam

Be sure to tell us how many hours a day you are staring at a computer monitor both at work and at home and keep your annual computer eye exam religiously.


Make sure you have non-reflective coating on your reading glasses. Schedule an appointment with us and we’ll determine if your readers are appropriate for prolonged computer use.

Additional helpful hints

  • Use proper lighting while using a computer. We have found that eyestrain may be caused by harsh interior or bright exterior light. Most offices are double the necessary brightness for healthy vision. Bottom line, reduce the lighting around you by half.
  • Minimize glare. Reflections on a computer screen can also cause eyestrain. Try to use a darker color paint on the walls (rather than white). This will help disperse the glare.
  • Cover the windows with blinds or curtains.
  • Use a computer hood if you have no control over your surroundings.
  • If you still have a CRT monitor, GET RID OF IT! Flat LCD screens are far easier on the eyes.
  • Adjust the brightness display on your computer. It should be the same as your surroundings.

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